August 31 Progress Report

The journey for our new Fellowship Hall, Adult Education space and extended commons area is continuing as scheduled. What we are calling our All In campaign for Phase 2 has seen great progress in the last few months. And we are anxiously awaiting our occupancy in early 2015.

At present over 90% of the sheetrock is in place and the first coat of paint has been applied. A majority of the heating/cooling and sprinkler system is completed and soon power to the building will be turned on to satisfy the building temperatures for the finishing material to start.

The exterior will see its completion as well as the playground, landscaping, water feature, parking area and sidewalks will be completed.

Even though this news is exciting for each of us today, it quickly takes second place as we move past the brick and mortar, the carpet and light fixtures to the opportunities that await us for ministry.

Rather than only hearing 28,000 sq ft, 17 adult education rooms and the potential of seating 500 at round tables in the fellowship hall — I’m more excited to speak to you about lives that will be changed because of the transformation power of the gospel.

Just as God has used our present facilities for the past 112 years and literally thousands of children, students and adults have made personal commitments to follow Christ and literally thousands as well have served and ministered in the name of Jesus–

So it will be that as we continue to follow the Lord in this next phase that the lost will be saved, the saints will become sanctified and the Lord Jesus Christ will be glorified.

Thank you for your prayers, your sacrificial giving and your patience as we move through this phase together and anticipate all the great things our Lord will do.