June 25, 2014

The Lord continues to bless the progress of the work being done on our Phase 2 project.  This new ministry facility will provide opportunity for over 500 people to be seated at banquet tables or over 700 people to be arranged for large conference and meetings in the fellowship hall.

This new ministry facility will also accommodate 17 adult Sunday School rooms, an elevator, large restrooms on 1st and 2nd floor and an extended commons area.

The fireproofing in the remainder of the building continues this week, as well as the installation of the fire sprinkler system.   Framing walls and duct work in fellowship hall will begin around June 30th.

Perhaps the most notable at this point is the exterior brick.  In addition, much of the ceiling electrical and plumbing is progressing.

We anticipated the Lord doing great things as we look forward to its opening at the end of 2014.  Continue to pray for the workers safety, the work progress and the faithfulness and generosity of the giving.

May Progress Report

Work continues to progress on the 28,000 sq. ft. Fellowship Hall and Adult Education Center. At this writing much of the exterior outside metal stud walls are in place and the yellow sheathing is being installed on the exterior walls. Interior walls have also begun to go in place.

In addition, much of the “hidden” mechanical, electrical and plumbing is going in place above the ceilings. Beginning the week of May 26th the roof installation will begin. Weather permitting the exterior bricks will go in place in a couple of weeks.

Thank you for your faithfulness to your financial commitment. We continue to run above the original pledges because of your commitment and additional generous gifts. If you are new to our church or are interested in making a financial donation or commitment contact our church accounting office at 337.593.3651

Thank you for your patience and cooperation in avoiding this area of construction. We are doing our best in keeping the exterior walking areas clean and safe. Please avoid walking in the building as this is a hardhat restricted area.

April Progress Report

I can almost smell the cooking of fried fish in the kitchen. Well, maybe not, but the progress on the building is going very well. Our Superintendent Leo is doing a great job keeping the subs on task and much work is being completed.

At this point all the steel has been erected, second floor concrete poured, and much of the underground and floor plumbing is in place. Within the next two or three weeks the first floor will be poured, metal stud walls will be in place and the roof will be near completion.

As the physical work continues on schedule so is your faithfulness to continue to give. Thank you for honoring your financial commitment to this project. I prayerfully and anxiously await our time to use this building for God’s glory and purpose.

Ray Swift, Administrative Pastor

The “ALL IN” Wall

The ALL IN logo and Acts 2:42-47 scripture is now displayed on the wall that connects the Sanctuary to the Fellowship Hall. This will be replaced with doors just before completion of the new building.